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Starting Rations automatically disappear

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When I started a new game after - around 5 mins real 20170226181800_1.jpgtime all 20 of my starting rations disappeared. However almost immediately afterwards 2 of them came back. As you can see I'm still on day one which means I could've at a maximum only eaten 3 rations.







After around 3 mins of playing after this, my rations returned ( the extra 2 are just muckroots)







Steps to Reproduce
I paused the game for 3 mins, selected the areas i wanted to dig let the game run and that's when all 20,000 kcal of food (20 rations) disappeared. After that i just let it run some more and the rations came back.

User Feedback

I experienced this and was confused at first.

It is caused by the fact that in the first screenshot you have a three tile high descent back to the ration box.

As dupes can only climb up or down two tiles and all your dupes are on the right of these blocks the food is classed as unreachable and not shown in the top left status.

In the second shot you have dug out the offending tiles and the food is now classed as reachable and the food count goes back to normal.


Edit: As this mechanic might confuse people maybe it could show available / total resources. So in the example provided 2,000 / 22,000 kcal with a tool tip for each number. Or change the text colour to indicate there is an issue and draw the players attention. Or something more explanatory in the notification area.

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Yeah you blocked your way to your food, so you technically had none. The 2 000 kcal you see are two Muck Roots in your area you dug out.

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