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Stacked Polluted Water from Algae Terrariums Disappearing

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After using the Algae Terrariums for nearly 100 cycles I had LOTS of Polluted Water stacked up... 38 kilotons of it. After loading the save game (and all the saves do it) all but 2 kilotons of it simply disappeared. Since I was in the process of converting it back into usable water, I just lost all the water I'd saved by using the terrariums.

Steps to Reproduce
Use Algae Terrariums and let the polluted water stack up. Load a save game and the polluted water will be gone.

User Feedback

No... but all my save games show the same amount of polluted water even though the oldest save is 10 cycles earlier than the newest save. 38 kilotons is a LOT of polluted water to just evaporate and I think I'd have noticed the amount precipitously disappearing on the materials list. I'll try to reproduce this.

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I've reproduced this. I've attached two screen shots, one right after the save at the beginning of cycle 159 (After_Save.jpg). Then I loaded the save that was just made (After_Load.jpg) and you can see that the amount of polluted water went from 9.9 tons to 5.8 tons.



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