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Somnium Synthesizer Dream Journals gone after save and load

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If this is a duplicate sorry, i checked and didn't see anything like this with a search. The unused dream journals are gone after I save the game and reload. i had a contraption to stop oxygen from going in to the Somnium Synthesizer and switches so i don't use them all till i need them. Every time i reload the contents the reserve journals in the Somnium Synthesizer disappear.  if you need to see a video of the problem i can share that too. it's super easy to reproduce though.

Steps to Reproduce

load journals to an Somnium Synthesizer get it active .

use some of the journals. stop the oxygen intake.

Make sure the contents of the Somnium Synthesizer still have journals listed but is inactive (no oxygen)

save the game

load the game.

The contents will no longer have journals.

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