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Somebody Stole Catalina's Fruitcake

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: OSX Fixed

Loading existing save with preview build causes food in at least one fridge to mysteriously disappear.


Steps to Reproduce

Load up the attached save file using the current release build, and check the fridge in the starship Sojourner. There should be 9kg of Berry Sludge in there. Catalina calls her friends, excited about her mining mission.



Now switch to the new preview build U43-522820-S and load the same save file, and check the fridge again. Alas, no fruitcake. Catalina is sad. Her stomach will rumble all the way home -- assuming she does not starve to death first!


The fridge on the frozen forest planetoid may also be affected. 


Teh Sewer.sav

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I have experienced the same thing. After moving my 1700 cycle base to the test branch successfully all the food stored in refrigerators was gone. Same thing happened on all 5 asteroids where I do have permanent bases. All the food that was outside fridges is still there.

Not much of an issue as the colony won't starve, however I am relying on food exports so 2 small outposts will be eating mush bars for some time.

WORKAROUND - go back to the live branch, load game, empty fridges, save game, then switch to test branch load game and food should still be there.

A more worrying thing for me are constant random crashes related to memory leaks, however I need to make sure it's not my configuration and test it on Proton and Windows (currently running native Linux version) before I consider posting any bug alerts.

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Changed Status to Fixed

This will be fixed in today's update which we're hopping to get out shortly. Unfortunately the fix means food stored in Refrigerators on saves played since Tuesday on the public testing branch will lose their contents.

Saves not played on the public testing build are unaffected and will keep their food.

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