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Skill increase tooltip shows wrong number.

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When duplicant get skill increase the tooltip show wrong number. Sometimes tooltip guess it right, but most of the time number is wrong. Both ways.

Ceterum censeo bugs involving loss of resources mass like pumps, plumbing, water going downhill by steps, airlock doors in a row and so on should be attended with priority as affecting fundamental aspects of the game.





Steps to Reproduce
Wait for skill increase -> Pause -> Check tooltip info -> Compare it with stats pane.

User Feedback

There are modifiers.

Picture one: i guess Mildred had interrupted sleep which gives a temporary modifier of -2. 

Picture two: Olive is an early bird which gives +2 to all skills early in the morning.

Picture three: Melody is interier decorator which gives +5 to creativity.

When leveling up, the skill base is shown, while in the stats, the skill shows the present skill, including all active modifiers.


This is a bit confusing but not a bug :D

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