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  1. Its lost! So only construct (solid) blocks when u have to, or in times of low pressure. Only use mesh tiles in water. Airlocks also destroy gas when they close, so avoid them in your base. But the most gas is "destroyed" by dupes, i recommend to try a game with only 4-6 dupes, only take in new dupes if your pressure is very stable AFTER you made the switch to ONE electrolyser, that should be enough. Seriously, im running my base with 7 dupes in cycle 300 and one electrolyser is all i ever needed! Air scrubbers seem pointless to me, i never use them, since there are so many ways to get rid of co2. I seal of a mined out cavern and pump in all the co2 through a filter. done. Early game i dig a hole to catch the co2, if its gets up, dig out a couple tiles. done. U could even just destroy it by building blocks on it, or build a tunnel with airlocks But i prefer the pumping over exploiting.
  2. Stuck in traffic (Verkehersstau^^) Too much gas for too few pipes! A lot of the gas is just stuck in your pipe system, waiting for other blobs to move... U need seperate pipes for that many pumps. Why move the steam into the main pipe just to filter it out again 2 tiles further ? Because the pipes are overloaded, the pumps cant pump effectiveliy, so there is too much gas around the electrolysers, so they have to wait too... The gas filter on the top level next to your storage has its output connected to another output, gas is changing flow direction now and then, and the hydrogen flows a circle .. u name it If gas is missing anywhere, it gets destroyed in the pipes where the blobs change flow direction i think. Too many connections and crossroads. Use one pipe for one purpose only, so u need less filters, they also slow things down. Have fun!
  3. Gas pumps work just fine. Its a problem with your athmospheric pressure, which is closer to a vaccum than "a lot of hydrogen". Gas density should be somewhere around 500-1000g of gas per tile where gas pumps are and your dupes live, thats 20-40 times more than the 25g u have on one tile! So one pump in a healthy athmosphere will pump a lot more than 5 pumps in almost vacuum. Looks like you are doing way too much digging and produce way too less oxygen! Also use airlocks to limit the space where gases can go, if its spreads out everywhere u end up like this... pretty much screwed
  4. There are modifiers. Picture one: i guess Mildred had interrupted sleep which gives a temporary modifier of -2. Picture two: Olive is an early bird which gives +2 to all skills early in the morning. Picture three: Melody is interier decorator which gives +5 to creativity. When leveling up, the skill base is shown, while in the stats, the skill shows the present skill, including all active modifiers. This is a bit confusing but not a bug
  5. "--> Door, airlock, mechanice Airlock is lying on its side. I am having this problem most of the time. " Yep, this happens everytime u switch the building material of the airlock before placing it! Reproduce: Have 2 different metals, choose a door or airlock but switch the building material before placing the object. Workaround: Press O two times after the material switch to manualy rotate the door, it will be placed as shown.
  6. Hey there! I'm not reporting a new bug but maybe have a solution for several bugs that would turn them into new gameplay features! Bug 1: Possible solution: Add the properties of a liquid vent to the water purifier that spills everything out which it doesn't please rather than destroying it will cause a mess, give u visual feedback that there is something wrong and needs new ways to handle things if u have no valve available yet! Bug 2: Ok, this isn't really a bug but its a wierd thing and could be solved the exact same way! Adding the ability to spill out contaminated water when the "sever pipe system" is overloaded gives u visual feedback whats going wrong and the player gets challenged to build proper pipes or has to clean up a mess after every shower (as do i^^) Bug 3: Same thing as bug 2! Bug 4: Different Bug, same solution, but with gas vent! Since u are already working on this fix, maybe the other things are easy to fix after that one? Bug 5: Not sure what's happening here. Though whenever u build an invalid pipe system where liquids or gases have no where to go they should be vented out the same way! Summary: Maybe its just me but this sounds a lot like a dynamic pipe system that punishes every mistake in a proper way to me! But do your thing i love u anyway Klei
  7. Hi! Looking at the progression bars of your showers... is it possible that the dups had to abort their shower because the water wasn't coming in fast enough? They do abort it when water bottled in the shower hits 0, which makes total sense I dont think this is a bug
  8. As stated in the title. Take a look! I tryed to fill my dump water reservoir with contaminated water from caverns above. The first attempt was... weird. After opening the chamber, instead of flooding my reservoir, the water seemed to "dissapear", i thought. After opening 2 other chambers my room first got flooded all the way up, but the water seemed to shrink away even in slow speed. Its flowing in itself, creating that huge chunk of water in one tile.. Not related to this bug, but incase u take a look at my save game, maybe u could also check out my water distillerie, which is behaving weird aswell the water on the left side is cooked, about 100g on each tile, while the dirty water on the right side stays at cool 30degrees and refuses to "merge" over to the left, even if there is like 50kg of dirt water right next to a tile with 100g of clean water.... Also the steam manages to stay below the gas permeable tiles when there is almost vacuum above them but i cant pump it out (most likely to another bug which seemed to have blocked the gaspermeable tiles with liquid water that should not get in there in the first place). EDIT: The following bugs seem to have been resolved in the recent patch! Good job Devs Good thing i have my pumping system in place, so u can pump more dirt water into the batterie chamber from below, to wash it out and pump it back down incase there is too much water in the chamber. Doing that will cause more and more water to dissapear as stated in other bug reports! Aaaand finally i set up a waste chamber to get rid of nasty gas where i pump in all my CO2. The gasvent is overpressurised, but nevertheless im able to pump out all my waste, im suspecting gas to dissapear aswell. Turn on my Wastepump (the left lever in my clean water reservoir) if u like to have a look on that. bugreport 01.sav