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Since Update 364722, Waterweed doesn't grow anymore

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Hi there,

Title is self-explanatory, since last update, wild Waterweed (I haven't tested with domesticated one) doesn't grow anymore, not matter the level of water it is submerged in.



Thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce
1. Update to 364722 2. Check wild Waterweeds in your world
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User Feedback

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Thank you, I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm using an identical system, using hydroponic tiles for irrigation and dripping salt water onto them. After messing with the water level a bit, I tried reducing the pressure in the area from 1400g to 1000g, but this did not solve my problem. Temperatures have remained around 35 degC.

Back to eating meal lice, I suppose. Maybe the nostalgia will cheer up my duplicants.

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