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Shearing Station isn't Working

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Whenever one of my ranchers goes to shear a Drecko, the shearing station animation starts and never stops, and the rancher and Drecko just leave without any shearing being done. I haven't stuck around to watch exactly what happens yet; I usually just forget about it and do something else, and when I come back, the station's running but no animal's being sheared.

In the photo, I've just booted up the game, so it probably reset itself. It happens every time I boot up the game, though. I tried rebuilding it, and the same thing happened.

I don't know much about computer specs but: I have an ENVY laptop, 64-bit operating system, 2.30/2.40 GHz. Windows 10. My game is the latest version (1/11/19).

I'm going to try to watch the shearing process as it happens, then try to build another stable with a shearing station and see if that one works. I'll update this post when I do.


Steps to Reproduce
A stable full of chlorine (built from one of those chlorine pockets). About 52-54 squares in volume. 1-2 Dreckos, type doesn't matter. Happened before and after farm tiles were installed. Don't watch the shearing process while it happens.

User Feedback

I guess that happens because the Duplicant cannot breath and runs away while shearing.

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I ran into the same problem.  Disabling the station doesn't stop it from running continuously.  Deconstructing and rebuilding results in the machine turning on without an operator.

It initially started for me during a shearing of a glossy drecko. The drecko popped out of the machine before it finished, still had its plastic coat, and the machine kept running.

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