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Several Issues

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Graphic problem

Air Electrolyzer freezes in its animation when disabled when its bubbling. 
Reproduce: HAve air electrolyzer, disable it when the bubbles are up


Bug Stressed Dupe
Had a bug where Blanche was about to Lash out but i put my Algea Doxyizer behind a Closed Pneumatic Door, safe from harm.
Blanch didnt agree and waited for the door with a food icon, eventually she went starving. There was no food behind the door, but there was a refrigerator in front of it i think, not the tile she was on. When i openend the door, nothin happened realy, she didnt even wreck the machines at that time. 
Reproduce: HAve a stressed Destructive dupe, and put an Algea detoxyzer behind a pneumatic door, in a lowly decorated area.

Graphic problem
when Dupes are assigned to the Medicinical Cot they are not place on the center of the bed

Bug Hand Sanitation

The description reads thats the dupes only use hand sanitization before a meal, but i caught a dupe twice to use it before going to the toilet.


Steps to Reproduce
check the above

User Feedback

Thanks for reporting this. Just wanted to let you know, the first 3 bugs we know about and the fourth one could happen if a dupe was heading to the hand sanitizer before eating but on the way, their bladder got to the point where they needed to go to the bathroom, they would go to the bathroom before eating. Do you know if they went to eat after going to the bathroom?

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