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Sedimentary rock bug

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Sedimentary rock isn't accepted by the creature feeder. First i feed the hatch clay, then switch to sandstone, then switch to sedimentary rock. The dupes load manual the feeder whit sand or anything else except the sedimentary rock. Conclusion. Bug.




Steps to Reproduce
As described above. Try to load sedimentary rock to feeder for feeding only hatchs

User Feedback

Hy @Ipsquiggle I already switch to sandstone. I will switch again and see if happen again. If yes i will send you the save game.

Post edit:

It happen when you allow only hatch and hatlings to teat from it.

Under you have the savegame. I recreate it successfully. If you see the feeder ( after the hatch will eat all), sedimentary rock isn't loaded even the hatch eat sedimentary rock.  Even if is room in the feeder the sweep arm doesn't load sedimentary.



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Changed Status to Known Issue

Changed Redmine to https://redmine.klei.com/issues/4572

Thanks for the saves. We'll look in to this. 

So just looking at the saves, the feeders currently don't have Sedimentary Rock checked. You're saying you had at one point checked that box, but then it becomes unchecked?

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