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Screenshot mode can be opened during Duplicant selection

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When on the Duplicant selection screen during a new game creation, screenshot mode can be turned on.


This is very disturbing if you do that by mistake, and are stuck there not knowing why you landed there and how to get back (the text at the bottom left explaining how to go back is small, not very visible and you probably won't notice it before it disappears).


Screenshot mode should be disabled when you are on that screen.

Steps to Reproduce

Start a new game, select a seed.

When you are in the Duplicant selection screen, use the Alt+S shortcut to land in screenshot mode.

User Feedback

This is not a bug! :-o 

It's a very handy discovery of how to check if you like where you will land before starting an hour log search for the perfect dupes. (If you continue and click "backspace" to activate debug, you can check the whole map :rolleyes: )

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Sure looks like a bug when you do it by mistake and get stuck there wondering how to get out! My first thought when it happened was "WTF is this bug", which is why I reported it as such.

Anyway, I'll let Klei judge if this is a bug or a feature :)

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