Save games will not transfer from Mac to PC any longer

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Fixed

I play on both Mac OS machine and PC. Previously, I was able to save a game on my Mac machine, email or otherwise transfer the save file to my PC save files folder and pick up where I left off on the PC.

Now when I attempt to do this, the save game will show up, with the proper cycle, but when I load the game it reverts back to the initial duplicant select screen, with a different colony name and does not load in to where I left off.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start game on Mac client and save game 2. Locate save file on Mac machine and transfer it to a machine with PC client 3. Attempt to load save file on PC machine.

Status: Fixed

This issue has been fixed in either a future version or updated in a previous version.

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
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Changed Status to Fixed

Thanks for the report! This has been fixed and will go out in the next patch. Sorry for the trouble!

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I can confirm this is a problem for me, too. I can move savegames from Windows to Mac and it runs fine, but Mac to Windows causes ONI on Windows to crash hard. I just got back from travelling with my macbook pro and would like to continue my playthrough on my far more powerful gaming windows pc...

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