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When playing on sandbox I have an issue where I can't plant anything in the Aero Pots. When the seed is selected and showing in my inventory, I can't press the plant button and the game says that I don't have the seed.When I save and reload the seeds are gone until I pres play, then they show up again, but I still can't plant them.

Aero Pot Bug.png

The Swanky Crew.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Open sandbox Create an Aero Pot Collect appropriate plant seed attempt to plant seed in Aero Pot

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I dont think this is possible. You cant operate something in sandbox mode. You cant click a metal refinery and make lots of steel with it, because you are no dupe. I think this also applys here. The planter ist dupe operated.

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