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Running liquid chlorine through lavatory/shower produces contaminated water

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I've eventually became bored with my duplicates and decided to give them WW1 treatment. IMAGINE MY SHOCK when not only they walked out of licquid chlorine shower like nothing happened, but also shower continiued to output contaminated water. Works same with lavatory. 




Steps to Reproduce
Cool the clorine until it is licquid then pump it to lavatory/shower
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User Feedback

The shower (and toilet) lack an element filter on their conduit consumer.
If it did have one it'd destroy the packets instead of placing them into storage.

This doesn't explain why liquid chlorine has the Water tag that the converter looks for though.
Will have to investigate why it's being accepted.

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I suspect it only checks that the liquid coming in isn't contaminated water. I would suspect you could turn liquid co2 etc in to contaminated water as well.

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