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Rocket parts are missing after multiple save/load

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

This happens reproducable in build 296878.

If a rocket is underway and you make 2 save/reloads, than you will have missing rocket parts.

Before launch:
Before launch.sav

After first save/load:
First save.sav

After second save/load:
Second save.sav

So, what happens if you wait for the rocket? Well, if you make no save/reload everything is fine.
If you reload the first save, then you will have no LOX used:

If you reload the second save after launching then you will have this happening. The command modules are returning but the research and the LOX modules are missing:

The petrolium wasn't used, too:

Steps to Reproduce
Launch a rocket, wait until completly launched. Then save/load. Then save/load a second time.
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User Feedback

I can confim this in Build 296878.


It is also noteworthy, that the rocket status gets already updated while the rocket is still underway. In my case only the command module was left and the status showed a total mass of 0.2t (unfortunately I forgot to make a screenshot). This helped me finding the last working autosave quite fast.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Today's hotfix included some new debugging. If you launch a fresh rocket from version 298560 or greater, and it comes back broken, please post the broken save file here as it will contain some information that should help us figure out what happened! Thanks.

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