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Rocket liquid fuel tanks overfill set capacity

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Rocket fuel tanks continue filling past set capacities if the rocket has launched and returned since the capacity was set.

Steps to Reproduce
I set a liquid rocket fuel tank to fill (with petroleum) to some amount (e.g. 200 kg) less than its total capacity (900 kg). It fills correctly to 200 kg, and I launch the rocket. When the rocket returns, the tank begins refilling. Although it still has the same set capacity, it continues filling past that number to its total capacity of 900 kg. Setting the desired capacity again causes the tank to stop filling, and a duplicate will eventually come to remove the excess fuel in bottles.

User Feedback

It gets even worse...

Assume i set one tank to 250. The pipe will flow and flwo. Sometimes the content display tells me, its at 250, then it rises. Then again 250, and either the surplus drops als canister, or it just vanishes.  

Currently i just fill the tanks completely, because everything else is a pain in the a***

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If you re-set the volume it will work...should work correctly. This happens to me when I load from a save, but I'm in the habit now of resetting the mass every time. I also have a valve to prevent them from over-filling.

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