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Rocket "Acknowledge Warnings" button keeps resetting

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This is related to the other bug I opened on the rocket side screen but more serious because it affects gameplay and usability. If a rocket has the "Acknowledge Warnings" button on it, perhaps because you're on the return leg so you only have half as much fuel, clicking on the button results in a "useless machine" type of situation where it automatically resets itself after a fraction of a second. The only way to get your rocket to actually launch is to double-click precisely so that the button gets two clicks -- but not three -- before it has a chance to reset itself. Here's a screen recording to demonstrate.



This is a space adventure game, rockets being able to launch seems pretty important.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Load the attached save game.
  2. Attempt to launch the rocket Acceptable Risks

Lunar Space Hut Cycle 272.sav

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