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Ribbon Reader reading from broken Automation Wire

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

In Testing Build: AP-397375-D, if an Automation Wire directly connected to Ribbon Reader became broken while Ribbon Reader is reading 4-Bit signal, It keeps 4-Bit signal even it is not connected to anything20200303071840_1.thumb.jpg.a0791c9c4530d11e0be414616f6c074c.jpg

In this screenshot we can find the Ribbon Reader reads Green Signal from Bit 3 despite it displays all Bit to Red Signal. Even if Automation Ribbon connected to broken Automation Wire has Red Signal on Bit 3, the Ribbon Reader keepsĀ sending Green Signal from BitĀ 3.

Steps to Reproduce
Broke Automation Wire connected to Ribbon Reader's Ribbon Input

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