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  1. So you guys think right one does take damage is right? Then why does the left one doesn't take damage? I think you might think the left one is bug. Broken buildings cannot damage. it is same as Dead duplicants cannot wound
  2. When the comet strikes a solar panel and it gets broken and entombed by hot Regolith, then it gets overheat damage In fact I don't know why it happend, maybe it was broken in past version
  3. A Duplicant with Small Bladder Trait only add 0.2% per cycle. Before this, It adds 100% per cycle so the duplicant should go to Lavatory twice a cycle. This subtle change can't be the negative trait since the duplicant should use Lavatory just one more time during 500 cycle.
  4. In Testing Build: AP-397375-D, if an Automation Wire directly connected to Ribbon Reader became broken while Ribbon Reader is reading 4-Bit signal, It keeps 4-Bit signal even it is not connected to anything In this screenshot we can find the Ribbon Reader reads Green Signal from Bit 3 despite it displays all Bit to Red Signal. Even if Automation Ribbon connected to broken Automation Wire has Red Signal on Bit 3, the Ribbon Reader keeps sending Green Signal from Bit 3.
  5. When Signal Selector/Distributor's Control Input is 4-Bit Signal, It's functional behavior and graphic behavior is slightly different. In Automation Overlay, when 4-Bit signal get into just Input Port, It seems like only 1st Bit is used in graphic. But when 4-Bit signal get into Control Input Port, this follows graphically but 4-Bit signal is interpreted as all Bit is passed through OR Gate in function. In this screenshot, both Control Input is 4-Bit RGGG and interpreted as Red Signal in graphic, but actually 4th Output is selected; which means both interpreted as Green Signal.
  6. On Testing Build: AP-397215-D, an overloaded Automation Wire gets damage when paused