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Repairing Pipe causes massive heat increase

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Whenever I have a dupe repair this pipe, it generates excessive heat, causing everything to melt, and ruining my whole base/comet!

2018-12-07 02-50-23.flv

This is it Bois.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I just go back and re-play cycle 709, 8/10 the same dupe delivers for the repair task and causes this issue before cycle 710 starts

User Feedback

It's a very well known problem, due to the temperature of the liquid inside your refinery.

You have to manage the temperature of your coolant so that its temperature does not reach the evaporation point.

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There was a recent bug which was causing the refinery to superheat its coolant liquid; this should no longer be the case and so this shouldn't happen anymore. However... Any coolant which was already superheated during the bug will still be that way. I don't have a good solution for this save to rescue the metal refinery.

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