Reloading Too Much

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Now I'm not sure if what I experienced was just an isolated event or even if it's completely unrelated.

While I was playing ONI, I rolled back to a previous save maybe...3 or 4 times(?)

Each time I did so, there was a MASSIVE CPU and memory spike, that got worse the more I reloaded a save from the pause menu, not the start screen mind you.

So much so in fact that on the second rollback my laptop was unresponsive for a bit. It eventually became responsive again, but I then realized that I'd rolled back onto the wrong save, so I chose another save to rollback to, and this time my laptop became unresponsive again, but it never recovered.

It just straight up BSoD on me, and restarted. :wilson_cry:

I'm hesitant to run some tests on this to confirm in fear of doing damage to my computer. :wilson_dilemma:

Steps to Reproduce
Listed up above.

User Feedback

If you are getting a BSOD that is very very very unlikely to be anything wrong with the game, tho it might trigger it. So yes you should do some stress tests and other kinds of pc testing, if there is already a problem with your PC doing these kinds of tests are not going to make it any worse than it already is.

The only way your pc would get damaged is through overheating but if your pc has a working temperature sensor then it will shutdown immediately once in the danger zone so it is highly unlikely to cause damage. 

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