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Relative priorities of refilling planters and repairing/building tiles

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Not sure if would be considered a bug, but I just had a breach from a geyser in my farm area. I immediately replaced the broken tiles with gold amalgam gas permeable tiles at priority 9, but rather than build the tiles, all of my dupes repeatedly repaired the broken planters and replanted the seeds. The planters immediately broke again, whereupon they did exactly the same thing. You know the definition of insanity, don't you? 

I tried to dig up the seeds and deconstruct the planters, but the dupes ignored the orders and carried on planting and repairing. Eventually I had to reload an earlier save and preempt the geyser. 



Steps to Reproduce
Let a geyser flood your farm area via a missing/broken tile. Attempt to replace the broken tile.

User Feedback

We should fix the priority on those. Until we do, you should be able to get around this by clicking cancel repair on the broken tiles.

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