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  1. Still happening in QoL Mk3. Happens regardless of Puft type (I have 1 normal, 1 Prince, and 2 Dense all stuck on Expelling Waste). Saving and loading fixes it temporarily, but it happens frequently
  2. Just got to the edge of the map and found this. I didn't think Regolith should be this far down, nor this hot, in an ice biome, and the lack of edge Neutronium concerns me. Thought I'd add it, in case there really is something screwy with the mapgen at the moment.
  3. Not a bug, as such. Just possibly unintentional mapgen. A fissure of some kind spawned ridiculously close to a steam vent. Savefile attached Dimension.sav
  4. My current game crashed as soon as I hit cycle 25. Attempting to reload that save causes a CTD at the end of loading. The 'Black Hole ate my game' box flashes up momentarily, along with something that looks like a bunch of error messages. Loading the previous cycle's save sometimes crashes, sometimes doesn't. Saves from Cycle 23 and earlier seem to be unaffected. Attaching both saves. Comet Cycle 24.sav Comet Cycle 25.sav
  5. Seconded. Only seems to affect the initial three dupes. My 4th and 5th are unaffected (second screenshot) I thought it was giving them the same faces too, but I just had three dupes with very similar faces to start off with, and hadn't noticed. Edit: Well... 5 is probably unaffected. That's her actual daytime hairstyle.
  6. Just an additional thought. Playing while only able to reload 'today' works quite well as a hardcore mode. Would be a cool addition if you're adding extra modes.
  7. Further info: I just uninstalled/reinstalled the game. First base I made has the full ten save slots, as long as I don't make a new save with a different name. Post-New Save, only one save slot is being used. Judging from the contents of my save folder (screenshot attached), auto-slots 2-10 are not being used any more (but do still exist and are loadable, which wasn't the case post-upgrade but before I reinstalled, as seems to be blash365's experience), and auto-slot 1 is being used to autosave each new cycle. Edit: I just realised something. The first ten slots weren't working properly from the start, else I wouldn't have cycle 2-10 saved. Saving only to slot 1 must've kicked in from cycle 11 onward.
  8. Seconded. Even quitting and reloading a save doesn't reset the wrench. Workaround: Unset the dupe's job, then reset it and the wrench returns. Edit: Related issue. I set Devon's (Courier) job to General Engineer then straight back to Courier, while paused, and now have wrenches in both Operate and Supply. Issue does not occur if changes are made while the game is running. File attached is from just after the paused changes. Rancher 3.sav E2: It does occur if the game is running, but only if you make the double change without closing the Jobs page in between changes. E3: If the game is paused, even closing the jobs page in between changes leaves you with double wrenches. E4: (I'll stop soon, I promise) If you make a change to dupe A's job, close the Jobs page, reopen it, revert Dupe A's job and change dupe B's job without closing the page, Dupe A will have double wrenches, so only make one change at a time until issue is fixed.
  9. I hadn't tried using Sweep Only containers, but I just gave it a try and, unless I'm misunderstanding, am having a different experience. Sweep-marked resources will only go to a Sweep Only container. Unmarked resources will only go to a general container.
  10. Not sure if would be considered a bug, but I just had a breach from a geyser in my farm area. I immediately replaced the broken tiles with gold amalgam gas permeable tiles at priority 9, but rather than build the tiles, all of my dupes repeatedly repaired the broken planters and replanted the seeds. The planters immediately broke again, whereupon they did exactly the same thing. You know the definition of insanity, don't you? I tried to dig up the seeds and deconstruct the planters, but the dupes ignored the orders and carried on planting and repairing. Eventually I had to reload an earlier save and preempt the geyser.