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Regolith columns with Rocketry save

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I've load a game that has been created with Rocketry Upgrade (cycle 550) with this Space Industry version : 289453 and I have a lot of regolith columns that spawn everywhere on the surface. Also, it adds me regolith on some zone that I've already mined.

(See red point on the first screen shot, on the second there was nothing on the floor)



To the moon.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load a game from Rocketry Upgrade with the last patch.

User Feedback

Same issue.

Likely cause:

  • Ore is now merged into the world if it's buried under the same element, i.e. regolith ore getting buried in a regolith tile is absorbed into the tile

This makes digging regolith and sand very hard - it falls, buries and consumes what you already mined, now you are back to where you were, but with slightly less regolith. And regolith/sand suddenly dropping onto more regolith will immediately block your path.

P.S.I have 60t of igneous rockĀ under a volcano, if magma decides to solidify above this rock, there will be an 'igneous explosion')

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