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Regolith appearing when load game

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

The solar panels are full covered and there are no way for regolith to get inside, each of those red titles have over 10t regolith!!!!

There are 2 more layers of airflow titles and a bunker door over what you can see in the image(open save game to visualize)


Savegame: The Galactic Moonbase.sav

Steps to Reproduce
This have happends me twice when i have loaded the game, i have tried to reproduce it, but do not always happends this bug. The other time this bug appears it was more to the left that was destroyed (you can see the glass in the screen of the older solar panel)

User Feedback

I'm wondering if this isn't due to the Shove Voles that are around. They will eat the regolith under the airflow tiles, potentially burrow through the airflow tiles, and then poop tiles of regolith above/below the airflow tiles. Though 10 tones is a lot of shove vole poop.

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