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  1. Desalinator output listed 2x

    The Desalinator accept 2 types of input, salt water and brine, brine output more salt than water salt.
  2. There is not copper in most of the asteroids, how are we going to be able to build atmo suits? Is this intended?
  3. Cool The "Forest" seems to be "Arboria".
  4. I was hoping for performance improvements.
  5. The solar panels are full covered and there are no way for regolith to get inside, each of those red titles have over 10t regolith!!!! There are 2 more layers of airflow titles and a bunker door over what you can see in the image(open save game to visualize) Savegame: The Galactic Moonbase.sav
  6. That does not fix the problem, i want them to use the massage table when I WANT THEM TO DO SO.
  7. You can not change the priority of massage table since the update.
  8. If you connect more than 2 power transformer to a circuit, they all uses the watts from the biggest one. The circuit should consume 2400, but it indicate that consumes 3100. In power consumer section, you can see 4 of them consuming 720W. Bug_transformers.sav
  9. Transformers pull extra power.

    They draw the power of the transformer that draw more power, if you destroy it, they will consumer the power of the second transformer with more power.
  10. I used 2 times the "Super Spyglass" and it have the big range of it, but after, i go to land and come back to the boat and i used it again 3 times and the 3 times the range of vision was the range of the normal "Spyglass". PD: Sry for my english.