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Refinery lacks coolant although there's enough to run

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I was wondering why my duplicants never run my metal refinery, et then I see the icon for coolant need. I check inside how many of the 400 kg i have lost but ... there's still 400 kg O_o



I was able to make a first unit of gold yesterday, just after placing the 400 kg of water inside the refinery, so that I can build the last piece of my cooling device aside of it.

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Don't know.

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This is very odd. Mind uploading a save file for us to look at? I'm a little suspicious that there's exactly 400kg of coolant, I wonder if there's a rounding difference between the displayed number and the actual amount of water. If you try adding just a few kg more water, does it start working?

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Sorry, I put more coolant after seeing this, and don't have save for this. :(


But it has worked at least one time, because the refinery refused to work after the coolant returned in the refinery.

And I have put the first 400 kg of coolant by using a 40 tiles long pipe. So it should be the exact amount.


If you want another strange behavior, maybe related, my steel refinery, set on infinite production, stops altough there's enough to make 1 steel. And since lime can't be produced by less than 5kg, it's quite strange that 210 kg of iron, 60kg of refined carbon (enough for 3 steel), and 10kg of lime, don't work. :p (I join this save file)


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