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Red Alert message: "Missing Research Station" but it misses the Super Computer.

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ONI QoL Mk 2, 306910

When queuing up research needing a Super Computer (which you don't have yet), the red alert message says: "Missing Research Station".

It would be more accurate if the text says: "Missing Super Computer". Because that's the thing you need to build.

See screenshot. Top left has the error message, note I don't have the Super Computer built yet.


Steps to Reproduce
Have a Research Station. Don't have a Super Computer. Que up research needing a Super Computer. Note the red alert message says: "Missing Research Station", it should say: "Missing Super Computer".

User Feedback

"Missing Research Station" is the notification displayed if any of the 3 or multiple research stations are missing.

A could be a bit confusing because one of the buildings is called "Research Station", but still I am preferring a general notification for all stations instead of the name of the missing building.

So if something should be changed it´s the name of the research building called "Research Station", instead of the notification.

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