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Ration Box deletes all food!

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Ration Box periodically deletes all food stored inside it, regardless of "freshness".

This happened to me a number of times in a different playthrough, every once in a while I'd see an empty ration box and wonder how the dupes could have eaten so much (I had about 30 mealwood plants to 6 dupes). This time I actually saw it happening and caught it on video and in my save file.

Both games this happened in, I had deconstructed the original Ration Box and built 2 more. In this game (video and attached save file) I had literally just harvested 3 mealwood plants and put the lice in there, so it has nothing to do with how long food lasts without a refrigerator.

To observe the behavior in-game, download and load the attached save file, then fast-forward time about an hour. It always happens at the same time every day in this save file (I repeatedly loaded an auto-save and fast-forwarded to ~10pm, when it happened every time).

Also worth noting: If you load the attached save file, then immediately give a priority 9 order to deconstruct the ration box, build a new one in the same spot, then have the dupes sweep up the food and put it in the new box, the food doesn't vanish.

Here's a short video where you can see the completely full ration box self-emptying:


Ration Box Bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Deconstruct the starting ration box, build 2 new ones, plant a bunch of mealwood. Set the mealwood plants to priority 9 and always tell your dupes to harvest them as soon as they ripen at priority 9, and also tell them to sweep them all up at 9 priority. This should fill up both boxes in a short time. Eventually you'll see one self-emptying (hopefully). I'm hoping that by attaching the save file you can examine what code is being executed at 10pm.

User Feedback

The dupes dont prioritize eating the oldest food so its possible they eat the fresh ones and your old ones rotted away. If you empty your food storage you can see that 145 lice already stale. (maybe if they stack up they share avarage freshness like in "don't starve". I dont know about that)

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