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Rapid phase change multiplies gas

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In the attached save, you can see a cooler that somehow produces a massive cloud of CO2 by repeatedly liquefying CO2 and letting it boil below.

While it is running, it is clearly outputting far more CO2 than is coming in - there is some solid CO2 in there, but it is too cold to thaw and it actually keeps growing. Plus, it is far too large to be produced by freezing alone (the cooler has been running for about a cycle, in 500g/tile CO2 atmosphere).

Almost certainly related to the issue with sealed steam geysers somehow multiplying non-steam gases.

Prosperous Abode.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load the save and unpause

User Feedback

Maybe also related to my small leak of petroleum that suddenly become a flood inside a room where the petroleum can freeze.

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