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Random Storage Bugs

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I have been wondering for a while how random stuff gets stored in bins that were set to store only one single item, but this is the most bizarre incident of this type so far. My Solid Oxidiser tank is filled with:


8.8kg of Oxylite

949kg of Gold Amalgam#

30kg of lead. I mean, how does that even happen?

Desktop Screenshot 2020.04.03 -

Storage Bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Totally random it would seem

User Feedback

I've had it with all sorts of stuff. This has been an on going bug for a while now. I've had plants with materials delivered to them that wasn't micro nutrient fertilizer. I've had storage containers I set for specific items suddenly start storing a different material in addition to the one that I wanted. I've not seen it lately, but composts and grills I use to have issues with random stuff ending up in them. I'm starting to wonder if its not a bug with delivering materials, or if its a issue with the !! priority / sweeping task.

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