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Random Pillars Of Incredibly Hot Igneous Rock Appear Inside My Base.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Dearest Klei. When I loaded up a save of a game that I last played on August 6th (Volcanea) I discovered that there are now large pillars of 1400C igneous rock inside my base. They were not there when I saved the game after playing it last time. Going into debug mode, I can see that these same extremely hot pillars of rock are scattered across my map. I could go into debug mode to fix this, but I will not be able to earn any achievements during this paythrough as a result.

I have attached a screenshot as proof and am more than willing to provide you with my save file as well as video footage recorded prior to ending my last play session on this map showing said superheated pillars of igneous rock are not present at that time.


Steps to Reproduce

Load up a game that you previously played. Large chunks of superheated rock appear all over the map.

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User Feedback

If any other players are encountering this bug, please know that if you install the Stock Bug Fix mod (and keep it installed) this bug will stop occurring.

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Just wanted to reply to add to this - it's some sort of save corruption that is retroactive, too. I had 10 autosaves in a row all with the same identical pillar of igneous rock on load up (overlapping a steam turbine) despite the fact that nothing adjacent to the pillar survives more than a half a cycle before melting or breaking.


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