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  1. If any other players are encountering this bug, please know that if you install the Stock Bug Fix mod (and keep it installed) this bug will stop occurring.
  2. Dearest Klei. When I loaded up a save of a game that I last played on August 6th (Volcanea) I discovered that there are now large pillars of 1400C igneous rock inside my base. They were not there when I saved the game after playing it last time. Going into debug mode, I can see that these same extremely hot pillars of rock are scattered across my map. I could go into debug mode to fix this, but I will not be able to earn any achievements during this paythrough as a result. I have attached a screenshot as proof and am more than willing to provide you with my save file as well as video footage recorded prior to ending my last play session on this map showing said superheated pillars of igneous rock are not present at that time.
  3. Stopping the flow of water into the oil well does not fix this problem, or perhaps, it ultimately causes another problem. Essentially, the oil well is then stuck in a state where it needs backpressure to be released but the duplicant can't ever succeed at this for some reason. So the dupe will come down to execute this task and then stand at the oil well doing nothing until the end of their shift. The only way to address this is to deconstruct the oil well and then rebuild it. I think the game handles being disabled and not functioning because of a lack of water the same, the bug exists for both.
  4. This bug is absolutely maddening. It makes working with automation such a giant hassle.
  5. I received a similar warning that the certificate associated with the software wasn't valid.
  6. Yep. Took me a while to realize what I was looking at, but that appears to be what's happening.
  7. This happened to me as well, but I was so busy trying to keep my colony from imploding because of it that I didn't think to take any screenshots and so I didn't report it as I had to 'proof'.
  8. Not sure if Klei considers this a bug, but I certainly do. Basically, in the base game the rate of polluted dirt off-gassing appears to have been significantly reduced AND the polluted dirt sublimator was not brought over from the DLC. Prior to this patch, a full debris tile of polluted dirt would off-gas at a rate of something like 24 g/s when it wasn't over-pressured. Now, the off-gas rate for a full 25 tons bounces between 0 and 16 g/s but spends the majority of it's time at 0 g/s. I totally understand why you nerfed the rate of pDirt off-gassing in the DLC since there's so much of it in the swamp biome, but you also included the polluted dirt sublimator to compensate. Please either add the sublimator to the base game (like the other non-radiation, non-rocketry tech) or revert the change to polluted dirt off-gassing for the base game only.
  9. In the base game, no animations appear more than two tiles above the no build zone boundary at the top of the map. You can't see rockets launching beyond that and you can't see meteors coming in either.
  10. Well now that's just bizarre. And now the problem is gone. Kinda wrecked any chance of meaningful data but here's what I actually did. Deactivated my mods. Activated the DLC Played a little while in a new colony. Saw your reply. Deactivated the DLC. Loaded the save and saw no problems. Exited to main menu and reactivated my mods. Loaded the save and again saw no problems. Additionally, the other issue I reported regarding the rocket being "not operational" appears to have resolved and I'm no longer getting the "Null Reference Comet Detector" crash I started experiencing when I un-paused the save (saw it when mods were both activated and deactivated) after loading it that started at about the same time I was having these other problems.
  11. I'm also getting this behavior now. I did not delete and rebuild a command capsule, but I have a bugged command capsule in this particular save at the moment. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object CometDetector+Instance.ScanSky () (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) CometDetector+<>c.<InitializeStates>b__5_3 (CometDetector+Instance smi, System.Single dt) (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) BucketUpdater`1[DataType].Update (DataType data, System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) StateMachineUpdater.AdvanceOneSimSubTick () (at <d1e03645b6a14b528d2f85f8af12cdf9>:0) Game.SimEveryTick (System.Single dt) (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) Game.Update () (at <c25c764251f245d5945c4bf3a3c311f5>:0) Build: 471618
  12. Thanks for the suggestion but that didn't help. Unassigned one pilot, checked that another was in their work schedule, assigned that dupe and got the same result. Not operational.
  13. I just got a new computer so I'm not noticing it as much but I do feel like I'm also experiencing this a bit. Sadly, wasn't tracking my frame rate so I have no idea how much it dropped and maybe I'm just being paranoid.