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  1. I discovered the moo planetoid via telescope and put a rocket with a rover into orbit around it. I then tried to deploy the rover onto the surface of the planetoid in order to explore it but was unable to do so because there is no visible solid surface upon which to place the lander. All I see during my attempt at deploying the rover is space and the fog of war. If you mouse around inside the FOW with the lander placement sprite you will occasionally see the sprite change color from the red outline to the white outline but you cannot actually place the lander. I have attached some screenshots to this ticket.
  2. The beetas in my colony have been delivering uranium ore to their hives just fine for hundreds of cycles. This evening (April 9th) all of my beetas stopped delivering to their hives and they all starved to death. A mass extinction event basically. I don't know if I've encountered a bug or if there's some hidden condition that's not tool-tipped that I've run afoul of, but it's rather frustrating. It does seem like the beetas are 'delivering' uranium ore to random points on the ground so maybe that's why they aren't delivering to their hives. I'm totally willing to provide my save file if that will help.
  3. Has anyone else noticed behavior where the beetas will just stop delivering uranium ore to the hive? They aren’t sleeping and there’s lots of exposed uranium ore. And yet, I have two hives that are about to starve to death because the beetas just won’t deliver.
  4. I just build temp shift plates out of dirt in an area that’s a little warmer than what I want my farm to be and then deconstruct them.
  5. It looks like the problem was related to local files that were left behind by Steam after I uninstalled the game. I manually deleted those files, reinstalled and now it looks like the game is working again.
  6. I will try to make this as concise as possible. I was participating in the alpha and have switched back and forth between the alpha and live versions a couple of times in the last few weeks. This morning, I switched back to live to look at something. When I attempted to switch back to the alpha I found that I was no longer able to update the game to the alpha version. I asked around on the ONI discord and apparently the alpha ended this morning. That would be fine, except now I'm unable to play the game at all. I start the game and then, whether I select New Game or Load Game, I get a "black hole" error. Specifically, the error that seems to be occurring is "Assert failed: subworlds/barren/LargeChasmStart (subworld) referenced a missing biome named biomes/Forest/Chasm" I've uninstalled/reinstalled the game at this point and the error is still persisting. I also deleted all my save files (don't worry, I've been committing them my repo in github since January) and that didn't help at all. I was able to report the crash within the game but I'm not sure what else I can do at this point. Presumably this will all be fixed when I'm able to purchase and download the DLC tomorrow.