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Ranchers and Farmers don't do their work properly

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

since I switched my game to the preview release, my two farmers and two ranchers neglect their work. Plants go stiff, traps aren't emptied, and creatures marked for wrangling are not wrangled. I consider this quit gamebreaking.

The Job setting is to automatic, they have the little wrench symbol an farming respectively ranching. I tried both with and without the "advanced" setting that was renamed with this upgrade.

Steps to Reproduce
playing, playing

User Feedback

Hello! Sorry the priorities are causing you grief. This may require some debugging on both our parts. First of, can you post your save file? It's helpful to tinker around and see what's up.

After that, do you have a sense of what those guys are doing instead of ranching/farming when you expect them to be doing ranching/farming instead? If you over over the duplicant when they're doing something else you can see what they're on the way to do instead like so:


When trying to debug these issues there you can also select the duplicant and then hover over the target job you expect them to do, for example:


Here Catalina is selected and I'm trying to find out why she's not using the Grooming Station.

If you do combination of these things do you get a sense of what's going wrong?

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