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QOL 3: Dupes dropping food while climbing

Gus Smedstad
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Dupes on cooking supply missions tend to drop items while traversing ladders. I've observed a Dupe in an endless loop, carrying meat up a ladder, dropping it after moving a few tiles, going down to pick it up, climbing the ladder, and then dropping it again. There's a delay between the Dupe dropping the food and aborting the errand. For a second or two the Dupe is still executing a cooking supply errand while carrying nothing.

Save / reload fixes the problem temporarily, so it's difficult to provide a save file demonstrating the problem. It's quite common, though.


Steps to Reproduce
Not really reproducible on demand. Generally speaking it happens often enough that a few minutes play will produce it, if there's a long ladder between the food source and the grill.

User Feedback

Hi @Gus Smedstad,

One common cause of issues like these is dupes switching between tasks, either because a higher priority task became available, or something happened to cause the task they were on to briefly become unavailable.. due to things like a door locking, a brief power outage, (or sometimes pathfinding bugs).

If you can provide your save file that is prone to this kind of issue, we might get a better idea by looking at your specific situation.  These issues are often highly specific to how your base is organized.

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It's not very likely that it's task switching, and it's not the task becoming impossible. When I've seen it, the Dupe gets stuck in the loop indefinitely, so it's not something random or transient. The Dupe drops the food at the same point on the ladder each time, a few tiles after picking it up.

I'm attaching a save file. Mostly I've observed the drops on the central ladder, but in at least one case I saw a Dupe dropping it while crossing one of the horizontal ladder "bridges" I tend to use as scaffolding outside the base proper.

Beta Centauri.sav

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