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Q1-296074 has some bugs

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

1. mistakes in strings

Line 6551
msgid "Carries more <link=\"POWER\">Wattage</link> than a regular Heavi-Watt Joint Plate without overloading.\n\nAllows Heavi-Watt Wire to be run through wall and floor tile.\n\nCan be run through wall and floor tile."

Can be run through wall and floor tile. -> Functions as regular tile.

Line 7611
msgid "[LOG BEGINS]\n\n...The introduction of Hatch genes was successful.\n\nThe prolific mucus excretions that are typical of the species are now producing hydrocarbons at an incredible pace.\n\nThe creature has essentially become a free source of burnable oil...\n\n[LOG ENDS]\n------------------\n"
msgstr ""

Hatch -> Slickster

Line 23412
msgid "<link=\"POWER\">Power</link> is required to operate electrical buildings\n------------------\n<link=\"MANUALGENERATOR\">Manual Generators</link> and <link=\"WIRE\">Wire</link> can be built from the <link=\"MISC\">POWER TAB</link> <color=#F44A47><b>[2]</b></color>"
msgstr ""

[2] -> [3]

Line 23568
msgid "My Duplicants will only eat, sleep, work, or bathe during the times I allot for such activities.\n\nTo make the best use of their time, I can open the SCHEDULE TAB <color=#F44A47><b> [] </b></color> to adjust the colony's schedule and plan how they should utilize their day."
msgstr ""

[] -> [.]

msgid "This plant must be housed in a <link=\"PLANTERBOX\">Planter Box</link>, <link=\"FARMTILE\">Farm Tile</link>, or <link=\"HYDROPONICFARM\">Hydroponic Farm</link> farm to grow domestically"
msgstr ""

<link=\"HYDROPONICFARM\">Hydroponic Farm</link> farm  -> <link=\"HYDROPONICFARM\">Hydroponic Farm</link>
(delete 'farm')

2. unknown destination can know


I'd like to hide it until the analysis is complete.

3. PRIORITIES screen, sort by errands


ascending : icon(▼) and order( Job, VeryHigh, High, Standard, Cannot do, Low, VeryLow, Disallowed )
descending : icon(▲) and order( Disallowed, VeryLow, Low, Standard, Cannot do, High, Job, VeryHigh )

change to:
ascending : icon(▲) and order( Job, VeryHigh, High, Standard, Low, VeryLow, Disallowed, Cannot do )
descending : icon(▼) and order( Cannot do, Disallowed, VeryLow, Low, Standard, High, VeryHigh, Job  )

4. need a strings for localization

 - Space Scanner's message when chooses objects to detect
 "Sends automation signal when selected object is detected"

5. Even if you try to type in Korean in the technical search box, only the square is found.



Thank you for reading and I hope it will be corrected soon.

Steps to Reproduce
I saw it while translating & testing "strings.po".
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Hatch -> Slickster

I understand it like that: they added hatch genes to slickster to have them produce petroleum


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