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[Q1-296074] Deliveries stop for infinite queued buildings

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I've repeatedly had dupes stop making food and refining.  also noticed lack of ceramic production.

I've worked out that on load and occasionally just out of the blue, deliveries stop.  I notice because I start getting 'forbidden food' messages when i've got 24,000 Kcal in mushrooms..

i set the buildings to priority 9 and nothing happens.

for the on load portion, the operators continue processing whatever is in the building and a few more deliveries happen but eventually they stop.

if no materials are in the building they never happen.

to restart deliveries simply make a change to the interface, it does not have to be the recipe in question.

for example, on a kiln I clicked the 'refined carbon' job to one and back to zero and suddenly i had dupes delivering coal and clay to the infinite ceramic command...

as for the intermittent issue.. no clue what causes it but the same steps correct it.


edit:  when i loaded back up things worked normally. bizarre.  when i saved they weren't delivering to the granulator, the grill or the kilns.

obviously there is something else going on that coincided with my loads in the past.. 


I currently am only using Kiln, Rock Granulator and Electric Grill that have the new queue system

The Nerdy Comet.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Kiln, Rock Granulator and Electric Grill with infinite jobs. priority 9. save the game/load it and observe.

User Feedback

Same issue with infinite jobs temporarily without ingredients failing to restart when resources become available.
Workaround is to micromanage each UI when this happens.

Other related bug:


Also from OP above:


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