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  1. Same issue with infinite jobs temporarily without ingredients failing to restart when resources become available. Workaround is to micromanage each UI when this happens. Other related bug: Also from OP above:
  2. The Egg Cracker can not be automated. Also if you set any storage to 9 and store coal and have a coal generator set to 6 then the behavior is that dupes fill up the storage first. Edit: Just tested the above scenario... it appears you are correct which means you can not use storage to cache a certain number of eggs without the Dupes cracking them unless smart storage is controlling a checkpoint or door into a room containing the cracker. So I guess my bug report is not a bug after all
  3. I have an answer to "why the f*"! You have found a bug. Congratulations for reporting. Bug trackers are here so you can let the developers know of things you encounter, especially while the game is still in early access. Reporting correctly and asking questions are two different things, also throwing frustrations into the mix does not help constructively with fixing problems that occur.
  4. Build CU-274564 Dupes are putting eggs into the Egg Cracker that has a priority of 6 instead of placing into storage that is set to a priority of 9. The storage compactor was intended to be an egg cache and is set to store a max of 10 Kg When the Egg Cracker is disabled, dupes store eggs in the high priority storage and when the Egg Cracker is enabled at a lower priority, the dupes empty the storage and start cracking all the eggs (I know omelettes are tasty but was hoping to save a few eggs and cook excess). *Only tested with hatch eggs so far. Hope this helps