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Pufts not eating properly despite being in a rich food environment

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I've noticed that this hasn't been fixed yet, but pufts (any of the morphs) have issues with eating when tame. Despite being in a rich environment (1K+ gas per tile) of their required food type, they will eventually reach hungry / starving.

Steps to Reproduce
Set up a ranch for any puft type and notice that eventually they get to the point that they are starving / hungry despite being in the food they eat.
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I wonder if this is connected to the issue i've had previously as well, where the dupes would be slow to pick their next action on higher speeds. Would line up a row of quick buildings to be built, and the builder would spend a splitsecond on the building, then stand around for 1-2 seconds, before moving on to the next.

If i change the game speed to the slowest, the calories go up, if i set it to the highest, the calories go down, and they seem to just hang around in the air longer doing nothing, rather than feeding.

Hopeful Laboratory.sav

Edit: The problem in my case seems to be the sheer number, i killed around 200 pufts in the dumping ground to the right of them, and it seemed to make them gain calories at max speed again.

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I actually finally noticed (when I hovered over the calories info in the critter status) that all puft types apparently are consuming 200 kcal per cycle but only eating 50 kcal (30 kcal for dense, squeaky, and prince pufts) per cylce.

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I think you might've misread the consumed type, when i mouse over the diet, it says Kg/cycle. I don't know what the kcal to Kg ratio is though.

If you want to compare your issue to mine, try setting the speed to the slowest, and see if the calorie total goes up between each time it eats then.

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I actually am forced to play at the lower speed, as my computer isn't the greatest (and this game still isn't quite optimized graphically yet either) but my computer only gets 10 fps or less (some of that is due to some of the issues i've reported with the game though). 

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