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Pufts and Hatches Not Spawning?

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My first two colonies had a puft and a hatch spawned in but later colonies never had any spawning. Is this a bug? Or do I just have very bad luck?

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I cannot understand what this means, sorry.

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I never get them near the start, generally I have to expand out a bit until I find them. Pufts are found in the slime and contaminated water biome, I haven't seen a hutch ingame before. If you can't find them no matter how far you explore out, then it's probably a bug.

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Puffs and hatches spawned in limited amount during world generation. There is no in-game way to spawn some additional creatures as far as I know. Puffs spawn in small numbers in outer biomes so you rarely can see one from the start you have to search for them. But you hutches probably dead due to a bag – drowned after your first game load.

Hatches die during first cycle.

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