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Puffs Climbing down a ladder and suiciding into a tile

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Build 208689

Ok so here is an interesting one.


I created a puff cage.


They seem happy enough, floating around and pooping out lots of slime.


only every now and then one would go poof for no explicable reason.  So I made a save and started watching them.


It seems like every now and them, completely randomly I might add. (sometimes they go poof quickly, other times they can live on for many many many rounds). 


I FINALLY had the patience to watch my cage until one went and died.  Basically it would run down the ladder in the cage really quick and suicide into the tile below it.  The ladder I am referring to is the one in the middle, that has a single tile in it to catch the slime, then continues down into my lower excavation area. 


This has really been frustrating me as they sometimes will live a few dozen rounds and other times just go poof randomly.  I have been trying to keep my cage filled with 2 puffs so I keep reloading and reloading.  I will be redesigning the cage to get rid of all these annoying poof deaths :)


I hope that you guys find some bug from this, good luck!

Puffts keep going Poof.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Run save file and just watch my puff cage.... eventually one will go poof

User Feedback

Don't put ladders in. Pufts will die if they are touching a tile for too long. If you force them to sit in a spot next to a tile (especially above and below) they will eventually suffocate. If you can pause it at the exact second the death animation is about to start, you can see they suffocated to death.
I had 5 pufts next to eachother in 1x1 rooms, and 1 by one they all died. Some took 20 cycles, others just a few.
When i opened up the rooms to 3x3's none died in over 30 cycles.
If you look closely at the pufts when they are in a 1x1, they do a little jiggle every few seconds. This is normally when they would move around. It's exactly when all the others jiggle that 1 will die; This means they are dying when trying to move while next to a tile.
Death by a pixel in a wall!

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