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Problem with contaminated water

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Hi.. First of all I love this game.. But I encountered some bug that I hope you can fix soon..1.png

Okay first let me explain what happened here. I want to fill my water tank with some contaminated water, because my base is running out of water. The contaminated water is coming straight from above number 2 but the water not fall down at a straight line so my algae got flooded :( . The first bug is at circle number 1. When the contaminated water start coming in, my pump suddenly stop working, I think it's because the water is becoming unstable. The second bug is when I noticed at number 3, my dupes keep giving the algae terrariums a lot of water non stop, I think when algae got flooded, they cant take water (?)

But fortunately, when I save, quit the game, and resuming again. Everything works fine as usual.. My pump is pumping again and the algae terrarium working as intended.

I think maybe the problem is the water, so when the water become unstable, the pump didn't detect the water and the dupes giving empty water to algae? I don't know for sure. I'm still learning programming in my college and I know game programming is so hard X.X so you guys are super amazing. I wish I can work with you guys after I graduated. Well that's all I know.. Thank you for making this awesome game and sorry for my bad english

Steps to Reproduce
Try to fill the water tank with water, and suddenly the water physics becoming buggy

User Feedback

The issue (seems to be the same as with the gas pump) is that the pump only"recognizes" the first liquid it pumped in the session (when you create the pump or load the game). So because you were pumping water first and contaminated after that, it doesn't do anything to the contaminated water BUT if you reload it will work (but only for contaminated water i think). 

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