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This day, is load a savegame, and it refused to unpause the game for a few seconds longer. I did not mind, wait a bit, and then it worked. 

After a few cycles, i noticed a strange overlay on the right side, right where the material list is displayed. "An error occured, please restart the game". Its so bad located, i did not noticed it for some cycles at all. 

Okay, is saved, restarted, and then every mod was disabled. I found it out in the game itself, not in the menu, where a message should have informed me. 

Now, some additions from mods are gone from the game, and i have to rebuild them.

Thats not the end of the world, but its a very annoying thing, because the error-message is located in a very bad spot, the system wont tell me about the deactivation of every mods, and it could have gone wrong all the way down to extinction, if my metal geysers would not be dormant at the moment.


Suggestion: Place the error message more prominent, and double-chek if mods are deactivated.

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As i dont know, whats caused the problem in the first place...

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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The message isn't good either. There are people who considers it safe to play the game despite reading the error message.


As i dont know, whats caused the problem in the first place...

Every single time I have encountered this, the log file has been really helpful. Maybe not user reader friendly but it contains critical info for the creator of whatever mod crashed. Also it tells which mod is causing the problem.

This might actually be a really good reason to update the window with some message about the log file and if you don't know what caused it, ask the forum or something.

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As a matter of fact, i played along for 2 cycles, finishing, what i started, after noticing the message. Why? Because i could. Yes i was aware, it could end disastrous. But other players wont know this.. 

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