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Prioity system.

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When setting the priority system.
I have my builder set to building with the wrench. Then I want supply next. So 2 Arrows. The dupe will not stop supplying. I queued up a gas pipe across the base.
Dupe just continues to pass it up and prioritize supplying the cooking station.
When I prioritize the supply down. The dupe starts working on the buildings.

This also happens for the job storage. That I thought was the job of cleaning up un queued sweep jobs putting items into containers. However I've seen dupes go to the rec room when they think there's nothing to do when really. There's plenty to be cleaned up.

I think the supplying of food planters should not be in harvesting. At least it says they are harvesting. Early I always set the coo to take care of mealwood and cooking.
Priority on cooking harvesting (Cutting the plant down) Supplying the plant with dirt but I somehow the courier or janitor is always over there.
If you set it to a 4 so the courier or janitor will make it the last thing they do. (Which actually it never gets done then) The cook won't go over there and harvest anything.

In previous version I have found that dupes will do supply jobs when only storage job is checked but no others. I'm not sure if that has been changed in minor updates as I wasn't looking for it.

Would like to see supplying and flipping compost to move from harvest to only tidy job.

If only we could see the full list of supply storage and a few other jobs that are not obvious.

Steps to Reproduce
Play around with priority system.

User Feedback

Hi LTLking,

I wish it was more obvious but on the priorities screen a wrench is equal to two up arrows. If you hover the each of them you'll see that they are both called "Very High Priority".

The difference between the two is that one is automatically changed in the Jobs screen if you have the Auto-Prioritize box checked. If this box is checked then if you change someone to be a miner, their priority for Digging will be "Very High". If you then change that person to be a Cook the previous Digging job will go back to whatever priority it was previously and now Cooking will be Very High.

Hope that helps clarify things a little.

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