Printer only display errands if a duplicant is going to toggle it

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The "errands" tab of the bio printer doesn't display any errands unless there's a duplicant who's going to go toggle it.  On the other hand, a rations box will display the "store" errand even if there aren't any storage tasks directed at it.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Select printer. 2) Select "errands" tab, note it's empty. 3) Set printer to be toggled, note errands tab now has info.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Known Issue

It's a part of the underlying system that causes this. In fact, the printer (and many buildings) have no errands until all the conditions are right, but storage lockers and a few other things keep an open errand with "zero amount". We'd like to improve the display of this though, so thanks for bringing it up!

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