Power station and generator priority for tinkering.

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My dupes wont tinker with the generators, I think since the latest update.
The Control station is set to prio 9 and has metal both in it and readily available. The generators do not have a prio setting.
Dupes are doing prio 5 tasks ahead of tinkering as the generators are apparently set to prio 5 but I cannot find a way to change this on generators without manual input like coal and manual generators.



Steps to Reproduce
Build a power plant room with power station and natgas or petroleum generators and have any other operating task set to 5 or above.

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The generators do not have a priority setting section of their status window, but the priority for errands can be changed by scheduling deconstruction at the desired prio then cancelling the decon and the prio change will remain for errands like tinkering.
I believe this is not working as intended and the generators should have a prio selection in status window or the tinkering should be governed by the power stations prio.

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