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  1. Ice machines were absolutely broken OP cooling before if you built them in vacuum and just decon and rebuild the ice maker before it melted, resetting the mats temp, then just rail the ice to get massive heat soak at extremely high efficiency. After 1,235 hours I only play heavily themed modpack colonies now, ranging from max difficulty, to super convenient cheap high tech, to bioreactor colonies that use min machines. I just want the previous stable version as opt in beta so I can continue playing my current bases. I could be wrong but I dont think it would take excessive resources to implement.
  2. It is always nice to see continued development and see bugs being fixed and the game improved. But is it really too much to ask for the old stable version to be an opt in beta so we can continue enjoying our colonies without them being broken after an update due to mods or bugfixes? Other companies consistently do this on major updates for single player games.
  3. Insulation says it has a thermal conductivity of 0.000 and if you craft a tile with it it still says 0.000 however the tiles handle heat differently. At 2 cycles a ceramic insulation tile in direct contact with molten gold is still a flat 20c as it was when sandboxed in. The drywall of insulation is 79.6c. After the same 2 cycles an insulated tile of insulation is exactly the same. However a normal tile crafted with insulation, despite having a description of 0.000 TC, is now 33.7c and the drywall is 78.7c. So a tile that says it has a TC of 0.000 performs significantly worse than a tile that says it has a TC of 0.006. Please fix the properties of insulation. Either it should have a 0.000 TC or else it should display an actual TC value.
  4. The generators do not have a priority setting section of their status window, but the priority for errands can be changed by scheduling deconstruction at the desired prio then cancelling the decon and the prio change will remain for errands like tinkering. I believe this is not working as intended and the generators should have a prio selection in status window or the tinkering should be governed by the power stations prio.
  5. My dupes wont tinker with the generators, I think since the latest update. The Control station is set to prio 9 and has metal both in it and readily available. The generators do not have a prio setting. Dupes are doing prio 5 tasks ahead of tinkering as the generators are apparently set to prio 5 but I cannot find a way to change this on generators without manual input like coal and manual generators.