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power loss in transformer with automation.

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i have 2 identical power systems, one where i let the automation turn on/off the transformer and one where i let them run without any shut down.

the lower system retains power, and even have power generators shut off at times, as the load is 1.06 kW and the generators should generate 1.2 kW.

the upper system i have the batteries toggle the transformers on/off at 80/100% charge. and there the generators run all the time, and no charge is built up in the main batteries closest to the generators. increasing the on/off cycle to 0%/100% charge causes the upper system to also retain power and occasionally also shut down the generators. 

Edit: i just noticed, just as the transformers are put on, they seem to draw an unproportional amount of energy from the batteries compared to how much they charge the batteries on the receiving side.

this leads me to believe that transformers lose power if turned on/off in short intervals. i assume this is a bug since there is no mention in the game that energy loss is occurring during on/off of transformers.

Uncomfortable Colony.sav

Steps to Reproduce
load save, try setting different on/off cycles on the smart batteries. see power loss on short intervals.
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Are you turning the generators off on the top design? Generators run 24/7 if not controlled, and have no issues wasting power.

[edit] Never mind, I see the problem you're pointing out.

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yes the transformers destroy their stored charge when disabled. I too noticed this and found this report to make sure I wasn't going to report a reported bug. in the mean time place a power cutoff on the high side of the transformer connected directly to the downstream battery and a buffer gate connected to the transformer,start by setting it to 1 and watch the transformer if it still has some energy in it as it gets disabled add a second and repeat until it always fully drains. that way the power stops flowing to the transformer and empties it before it is disabled. also to make sure there is somewhere for that power to go set the downstream battery standby at like 95%. By doing the changes i suggested one of the biggest things you may notice is the automated section will be cooler then the non automated section if you isolate them because the transformers are off most of the time.

and I made a map just the show you the automation part and that is is significantly cooler. next to the generators at the bottom is 50 tons of coal accessible by only the two generators controlling each section. it is a way to determine which one is more efficient. have fun and check out the temperature. it is noticeable after just 3 cycles


transformer automation.sav

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