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Power Control Station only tunes up one Coal Generator

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When I put a Power control station in the room with two coal generators, it seems like the Engeneer is only happy to tune one of them (the left one?) to obtain the Engine's Tune-Up effect. I am aware that my Coal Generators are occasionally disabled by the automation grid - but it's all on the same circuit, the tuned-up one is disabled at exactly the same time as the one they won't tune up.

I also had some problems making the dupes use the Power Control Station, but that seems to work if I enable sweep-only and mark the refined metal for sweeping manually.

This happens in both my Power Plants shown. The dupes have plenty of oxygen to work in there, as I installed Exosuit Docks at the enterence to the Power Plant rooms. My Engeneer is capable to performing the tune-up job (I mean, both of the generators on the left are tuned-up). But, even if I lock him in the Power Plant room with premissions, he won't tune-up the second generator but instead just idles there.

The right generator is not tuned-up:


While the left one is. The Electrical Engeneer is still idling when locked in a room with them (the Power Control Station does have materials, I checked):


The same happens in the second Power Plant room (the Engeneer can be seen idling in that one too, the left Coal Generator is tuned up, the right one is not):


Finally, the Engeneer's priorities (it's Nails in the room in there with them) as well as showing that all the Coal Gens are on the same automation control:

Please let me know if I should upload any other files.

Steps to Reproduce
Put two coal generators in a power plant room with a power control station. The dupes only keep tuning one of them. Not sure if the configuration of the room matters, as both of my rooms are of exactly the same design.

User Feedback

I gave it 20+ cycles. Nails, the Engineer will happily tune-up the left-hand-side generators every 3 cycles (I can see that the Engine's Tune-Up effect has a 3 cycle duration). You can see him using Power Control Station, producing a microchip, picking up the microchip and then using it to tune-up the left-hand size Coal Generator in each of the rooms (an action which takes some seconds and "pauses" the Coal Generator while he is applying the tune-up).

He will not, however, do the same procedure on the right-hand size Coal Generators in either of the rooms.

@postit2000.ttv I didn't quite understand what you mean by "not a bug". Am I supposed to build one Power Control Station for each Coal Generator (so, would I need two Power Control Stations in a room with two Coal Generators) in order for the Engeneer to apply the tune-up (I guess that's what you mean by "apply the upgrade")? Unless I need one Power Control Station per each Coal Generator, the bug I am reporting is that my Engeneer is refusing to apply the upgrade to the right-hand-size Coal Generator in a room. Even if I lock him in the room, and the Power Control Station has plenty of refined metal stored, he will just idle and not apply the upgrade to one of them. Could you please clarify how Nails only tuning up one Coal Generator in each of the Power Plant is the expected behaviour and not a bug?



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Here's the save file. It's been 14 more cycles (I play with a lot of pause apparently...) and Nails and Nikola still only tuning the left-hand side Coal Generators.


Tomato Soup.sav

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Today, it seems like they are tuning up both generators no problem. Not sure what was up yesterday, but it kept going for quite a while before I reported it.

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