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Possible bugs with Cargo Bay and Biological Cargo Bay

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sorry for my English, this is not my native language.

Duplicants and Auto-Sweeper will not move resources from Cargo Bay to Storage Bin

Duplicants will not move Critters from Biological Cargo Bay to Critter Drop-Off

p.s. if this is an expected behavior, then it is very strange.


Steps to Reproduce
1. build a rocket with Cargo Bay and Biological Cargo Bay 2. launch mission 3. wait for the rocket to land 4. don't press the "Empty Storage" button! 5. connect Gantry to Cargo Bay and Biological Cargo Bay 6. build Storage Bin and Critter Drop-Off, configure its filters 7. see

User Feedback

I think the cargo bay is supposed to have a conveyor belt hooked up to it? I'm not sure about the bio bay, I haven't gotten to that. It could probably be clearer in the documentation.

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